Number Nine Experiment : " Jam#3 " (19dec'2010)

 Number Nine Experiment : " Vacuum Nose "

 Number Nine Experiment : " Let It Burn "

Number Nine Experiment : " Let's be silly "


 Number Nine Experiment : " Jam#2 " (16 nov' 2009)

Number Nine Experiment : " No Expectations "

On August 14th, I celebrate a birthday, ten years of a concert that will remain memorable for me. We hosted an evening at the stadium of the Old-Glasworks in Petite-Rosselle with two groups playing live, and a movie on a giant screen. That day it rained a bit, I think it is for this reason that attendance was not what we expected (do we not say that the absents are always wrong?...). In any case all those present that day to keep a good souvenir. For me, this was one of the best concert that we have given with my group of the day: Heaven.
So I decided to celebrate this anniversary by putting here an excerpt from this concert.
PS: Thank you Vincenzo! Without whom nothing would have been possible!

Arnaud Schmitz, august 12, 2009

  Number Nine Experiment : " Jam#5 part#5 " (18nov'2009)

 Number Nine Experiment : " Nymphomaniac Mummy "

 Number Nine Experiment : " Ouroboros (part2) "

 Number Nine Experiment : " Unless you request "


Pentastar : " Nightbirds " (slideshow / october'2008)

Number Nine Experiment : " Sowing The Seeds "

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