" Electrical Wire Chopped Inside " - March 2008 / Full-length

" Droning Earth vol.XI " -  May 2008 / Compilation




 " Pull The Alarm / Punctual Coordinate "  video 

(audio recorded live 13 march 2009 in Saarbrucken, Germany. 

Slideshow of pictures taken between 2006 and 2009) 


Dylan Carlson (Earth) with 
Julien Stark & Arnaud Schmitz (Pentastar), and Sir Richard Bishop (Sun City Girls) in the background. 
In Nancy, France, 16 February 2008. 
Thanks to Adrienne Davies (Earth) 
for the picture. 

 Droning Earth vol.XI compilation 

 Free download:

 "Electrical Wire Chopped Inside" 

review from 

Slowburn webzine (oct'2008) 

 Pentastar live 18 oct'2008 

from left to right: 

Julien Stark : guitar, 

Arnaud Schmitz : vocals & guitar, 

Eddy Bellatel : drums, 

Gab Helfenstein : bass 




Old Pentastar website (2006-2008): 

(last update june'2008)

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