Pamplemousse aka Pamplemuse

  Pamplem(o)u(s)se  (a.k.a. Pamplemuse) 

  is a folk/rock band featuring members from : 

  HanamiUncle Meat & The Highway Children

  The Crooked Axis / Number Nine Experiment

  These Eyes Are Cameras and Triceratops ... :  

Keeley Cheswick  a.k.a.  Bopper Watson  : vocals/percussions/glockenspiel/accordeon/...  

John Wilson : 

Arnaud Schmitz  a.k.a.  AliBabaBlackSheep / Audran : 

Cavan Moran :  (facebook) 

Julien Stark : 


-  We are all pink inside !  -

 Booking contact :

 Pamplem(o)u(s)se live 22 aug'2011 @ Baron, Mainz, Germany. 

 Pamplem(o)u(s)se live 29 aug'2011 @ Skek, Amsterdam, Netherlands. (3/4) 

 Pamplem(o)u(s)se : The Cedar Room / Hot As Sun /Strangers. 

recording session @ The Cave 82, Brussels, Belgium, 31 aug'2011

 Pamplem(o)u(s)se : Drunken Pirate Bastard. 

live 21 aug'2011 @ Wally's, Saarbr├╝cken, Germany. 

 Pamplem(o)u(s)se videos    ( YouTube playlist including 42 videos ! )


If you are interested in booking us for any shows, please get in touch ... We consider any offers we are made but if you want a better chance of getting us, have a look at our future destinations  for a good idea of when we might be in your area. Thanks! 

  Booking contact :

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