Octagon was a black metal project active between 1995 and 1998 

in which Arnaud Schmitz was involved as a guitarist (amongst other instruments...). 

They released five demos, but their style has changed over time, 

becoming more "stoner doom" than "black metal", ... 

the group then changed its name in 1999 to become Thursday Catharsis

 " Let's Fucking Die " 

11 tracks demo recorded october'1995 

originally released on tape 


 " Warhead " original cassette cover  

 " Warhead " CD reissue cover 

 " Warhead " 

12 tracks demo recorded january'1996 


 " Grin'69 " 

demo recorded july'1997 


 " So We're Back " 

6 tracks demo recorded april'1998 


 " The EP's Collection " 

16 tracks compilation of previously unreleased material 

recorded between 1998 and 2001, 

remastered & released in february'2006 

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