French Fries Are Not French


 Jam session  (3 dec'2011)  

Arnaud : guitar / Jay : bass / Simon : flute & keyboards 

French Fries Are Not French 

is a side-project featuring : 

Arnaud Schmitz a.k.a. "AliBabaBlackSheep" 

&  Jeremy Betti a.k.a. "Jay" 

(from belgian project  Y/R

& many guest friends ...   


French Fries Are Not French is absolute nonsense. Taking its origins in the sick minds of mad men.  

Their gigs are the kind of shows you can go if you are really fucking bored, and you really don't know what to do. 

Listening to this, you can either have fun or go completely mad... It sounds like the ideal soundtrack for a drug-induced suicide?! 

Indeed, they are influenced by the shitty place where they come from, and this joke that is not very funny... that is called life... 


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