Parasites / Deadly Sin

 Deadly Sin was Arnaud's first band, with whom at thirteen he played his first gigs. 

It was alternative punk-rock (mainly influenced by The Pixies, Dinosaur Jr, Nirvana, L7, and the "grunge" scene of the time...). 

 The band was called "Parasites" from 1991 to early'1993, and then changed their name to "Deadly Sin" until the split of the band late'1994. 

The group consisted of Arnaud Schmitz (guitar/vocals) and Laurent Houpin (bass guitar) 

and first, a drum machine, and then many drummers have succeeded over time... 

They recorded one 6-tracks demo, entitled "Fuck Off!" in june'1994. 

Deadly Sin - 1994  

 Deadly Sin live 26th june'1994  

01 - Fuck Off.mp3

04 - Thought.mp3


 Very first gig - 27th june'1993  

 Deadly Sin live 21st june'1994 in Freyming-Merlebach 



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