S O B S  is an experimental / ambient / drone / noise / psych side-project featuring the members of Pentastar

A kind of prototype of the project Crying Yang to emerge a year later. The group's name comes from the initials of the musicians. 

S O B S 


15-tracks demo. 

Recorded between October’2007 and January’2008 in Germany. 

Julien Stark : guitars   

Alex Omeljanczyk : bass   

Eddy Bellatel : drums & percussions   

Arnaud Schmitz : guitars, vocals, keyboards, percussions  

 + guest : Fred Weyland : percussions.

Listen on Last.fm: http://www.last.fm/music/S+O+B+S/S+O+B+S 

Download (zip file): http://www.mediafire.com/?x2ad18bn2d0btko 




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